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10 Positive Activities To Do With Your Kids

In order to raise our children with a positive outlook, we need to instill in them a sense of compassion, empathy, and self-confidence. Isn’t it amazing that kids as young as 5 may learn how to think positively? Teaching our children through positive activities helps build confident, happy and healthy mindsets. Resilience, perseverance, and gratitude can all be fostered through cultivating a mindset of gratitude.

Here are our Top 10 ideas

  • Thank a hero in your community.

Thank someone who has helped you or your family in some manner by writing a thank you note. Whether it’s a grocery store clerk or a mailman, they’re all doing their best to make sure that we have more convenient life. Identify a hero in your life and create a creative way to say thank you for their service.

  • Take care of a chore in your home.

Children learn life skills and develop a sense of responsibility by doing their duties. List all the things you need to do around the house and discuss with your child what they can do to help out. Choose a task from the list and enlist the assistance of your youngster. Don’t forget to have a good time!

  • Make a homemade bird feeder

Walk around in an area where there are pinecones on the ground. Shake off the excess dirt and tie some string around the top. Leave the string long enough to tie to a tree branch later. Then use a butter knife to spread some peanut butter on the pine cone. Then, sprinkle some bird seed where you applied the peanut butter. After you are done with the seed, take your pinecones outside to hang in a shaded area on the tree. High enough to be away from predators and still in view of from your window if possible. My kids and I love watching the birds eat from our creation.

positive healthy cooking habits
It is important to teach your kids positive and healthy habits with food
  • Have fun cooking together

When you cook at home, you not only save money on food, but you also teach your children valuable skills such as how to read a recipe, how to measure and how to take directions. With the help of your child, find a recipe and cook a dinner. Recipes that are suitable for children can be found here. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipes/453/everyday-cooking/family-friendly/kid-friendly/

  • Color together

Get out the crayons and markers and draw together. Kids love spending time with you. Talk about a fun memory you had as a child. Ask your child to tell you their favorite memory with you. These moments getting to talk and share feelings create a loving and secure relationship with your child.

  • Become a penpal

Think outside the box! This is a great way to learn about other cultures around the world. Show your child the map of the world and pick a country to find a penpal in. There are a lot of resources online to find a penpal anywhere. Learn different recipes, religions and beliefs.

  • Paint kindness rocks

You might have seen these around. I usually take the kids to the river and find some special rocks the size of their hands. Wash the rocks when you get home and dry them. Pull out the paints and have them draw words of affirmation, such as , Be kind, Give Love, Be nice, Smile, Be the light, etc. Once the rocks have dried take them around the community. We usually go to the park, hospital, retirement community. Places we know when people stumble upon them it will brighten their day.

  • Make a list of positive affirmations

Teaching positive self awareness is critical to helping children with self esteem. Creating a morning routine where your child has 15 minutes to write or speak words of affirmation is a great start. Statements such as; I am loved. I am good. I am worthy. I have greatness within me. I am capable of anything. I am smart. I am healthy. I make good choices. I am aware. Help your child find the ways to start their day with a positive tone.

  • Photographic Session.

Having a good outlook and a sense of self-awareness are both aided by knowing what brings you joy. Inquire about the things that your child enjoys doing the most at home and have him or her photograph them. Print them out and make a scrap book

  • Create a tool.

Being kind to yourself and your surroundings isn’t simply about being kind to other people. Teach your child the importance of reducing our impact on the environment by reusing and recycling the things we already own. Make a tool out of repurposed household items. Think outside the box!

There are many ways that we can show our children how to be nice and understanding of others and our community. Children that are raised with a positive frame of mind will learn how to make a difference in the world through the words and deeds they perform.
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