Positive Corners Post of the Day — Let it Go

Positive Corners Post of the Day — Let it Go

The Art of Letting Go

Let it go! Easier said than done right? Or is it a mere fact that your attention to the issue is standing in your way? When you think moment to moment, you get to actively choose which thought to surf. Right? You are choosing what to think about. Is your mind taking control of you? 

Practice Letting Go

Take a deep breath right now, and slowly breathe out. Again, deep breath in, and slowly out. One more time, deep breath in, and slowly out. Now think, what do you want? You know what you don’t want. But the key to this is to practice thinking of possibilities instead of the problem. Thus, what we resist, persists. So it’s important to develop a new way of thinking, and discovering a new way to respond to your life. 

We are all in this together

We are all going to face challenges, our power is in our response to life. How are you treating those you interact with? What is the energy you give off when you walk into a room? How do you talk when you get home from a long day? Or to a spill of milk in the kitchen.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has a great teaching on the orange. When you squeeze an orange, what comes out? Orange juice, right!? No matter the time of day, week or year, orange juice comes out. Now, when someone squeeze’s you, what comes out. When you face a difficulty, what comes out? Anger, fear, worry? Or understanding, empathy, love? This is something only you can determine. How everything comes from within. What’s within you, comes out in different forms. So, if you want a more peaceful life, you have to demonstrate a more peaceful exchange in your daily life. Furthermore, if you want more love, you must give more love. This is the key to learning and growing here on Earth. You will hit obstacles, but you can respond differently. Remember, the key is within you. You can let go, and find the answer inside. 

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