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Inspiration and motivation for this thing called Life!

Some inspiration and motivation to be who you really are will be covered in this message. Take from it what you will, this is my point of view from where I am currently standing. We hear a quote often, “Be the light.” Usually, “being the light” means to be offer hope, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration…
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Motivation – Finding your way – With Positivity and Inspiration

I believe all of us are motivated, some are more successful than others. Why? I believe it is persistence, can-do attitude and having a plan. Life was designed to reap what we sow. Reaping is reserved for the planters. What you have been planting thus far, is what you are receiving back in life. Our…
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Positive Corners Post of the Day — New Day

Start today! Starts with a choice. What are you giving your attention to? What dreams do you have for yourself? I encourage you to sit alone with yourself each morning and quiety let your thoughts go. Don’t obsess over everything that has happened or might happen. Just relax, and let it go. Just for 20…
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